The Comalats wines are wines made as before, respecting nature.

The Comalats wines are originals from the Segarra region (Catalunya), we have the vineyards in a little village is named Ametlla de Segarra, this town is located at 715 meters of sea level.

The grapes that we use for elaborate our wines only come from our harvest and all the vineyard are cultivated ecology. The situation of our fields is perfect for organic farming because the altitude avoids many pests and diseas of the vineyard, there isn’t industrial contamination and the most important road is twenty kilòmetres from our village.

Wine elaboration is doing in a total traditional form in a cellar next to the vineyard. The process of wine maceration and fermentation is inside stainlees steel tubs at controled temperature. And, finally, LA CRIANÇA I ENVELLIMENT is produced in the old cellar of our house, Cal Bonet, with barrels of french and american oak.

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