The vinícola tradition of our family came from a lot of years ago, but was in the year 1989 when Jaume Bonet was starting the project of elaborating his own wine. Actually Comalats Cellar has thirteen and a half hectares of vineyard and we elaborate Black and rose wines with Denomination of Origin Costers del Segre , subzone Vall del Corb. All our wines have the  qualification of orgànic wines.

The origin of the name:

Comalats is the històric name of the geographic area between the mountain rage of Forés and Cervera. This territory is very singular because is a group of parallel mountains and valleys of the east to the west, ever valleyis a “coma” and a group of valleys is a “comalada”, and this is the origin of our cellar name.




We decided to make wine because… we’ve done so for generations.


I love that Comalats wines fill your mouth and are meaty, they nourish.


My father taught me to persevere, to do things at the right time and to work hard.


When I see a Comalats in a wine glass, I see everything that went into it.



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